NFC Tags: when the product talks

The added value of NFC ( Near Field Communication ) technology

In previous articles we have mentioned how the characteristics of quality and refinement that push consumers to attribute an added value to the products purchased starting from the packaging. Precisely for this reason we must keep in mind that, if it is true that the dress does not make the monk, in the case of packaging it is the first impression that counts. The outside of the box must be a sort of preview of what the customer will find inside, so as to implement the perceived “wow” effect.

If you choose to use packaging as a supportive communication tool , then why not use all the advantages that technology has developed on this front?

We are talking about NFC Tags , a real revolution in the world of contactless communication.

NFC Tags are a sort of ” electronic tags ” equipped with a low-cost programmable NFC chip inside, which can be read by most smartphones in circulation. These Tags can be integrated both inside the product and on labels, paper supports, PVC and much more.

Within these tags it is possible to insert multimedia contents, in fact it is enough to bring the smartphone close to the point where the tag is inserted to access or download digital contents containing: product sheets, videos, presentations etc …

In addition to the contents , the NFC tag can be programmable in such a way that it can perform automatic operations within the connected device or be used as an authentication or anti-counterfeiting tool.

The potential of this technology is infinite: you can create a bedside lamp that activates silent mode by placing the smartphone on top of it, or the hangtag of a garment can activate the video explaining the eco-sustainable supply chain.

In summary, what are the advantages of NFC tags ?

• can provide a lot of additional information to the product.
• they do not require external power to be activated
• they offer information that cannot be falsified
• they have small dimensions and can be integrated with labels or directly in the packaging
• they do not have a high cost
The NFC tag can of course be connected to a web link which then allows access to all that is present online with a consequent response in terms of acquisition of data on who is viewing the content. In fact, this type of technology can be applied to different areas such as:

  • Videogaming : this type of technology could be applied to any type of video game or Advergaming platform , in which the brand name is associated with merchandising products. A very simple example can be found in Gamindo , which uses the ADV of online gaming to sponsor brands and increase audience engagement also through the use of advertising merchandising linked to both the brand image and the video game image.
  • Applications Product: Adidas has integrated  NFC technology in the Telstar 18 ball on the occasion of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Those who had bought the ball, thanks to the use of their smartphone, could access exclusive content on the conduct of the World Cup such as images, videos and game actions of the players simply by approaching the screen to the ball.

In short, NFC technology really has a thousand and more applications. Everything that is “shareable” on the web can be placed on the product you want to offer the consumer. In the contest to share content, what could be better than using this type of technology to get your message across directly and immediately, involving the customer in a more interactive than “rare” experience?

If some of these applications have intrigued you and you want more information about NFC TAGs and all the products you can apply it to, you can contact us here.

The beauty of this technology is that it is 100% customizable for your brand and your customers. Surprise them with products and ideas innovative , and share your content so quick and fast .

After all, CONTENT IS KING .