Not just sponsors, but number one fans

What we want to tell you today is the story of how, not many years ago, a sporting pillar like that of Treviso basketball saw a period of decline and abandonment by one of the most iconic families of Treviso. In 2012, the crisis, together with the fast changing economic landscape, forced the Benetton family to downsize what had been one of its pillars for years : Sport.

However, the passion for sport and the desire for redraft were the necessary fuel for our city so that not everything would be lost, and it is precisely from here that, under the initiative of former nationally renowned players such as Riccardo Pittis , Claudio Coldebella, and together with the help of some entrepreneurs (including our CEO Matteo Fabbrini ), the Consorzio Universo Treviso was born with the aim of giving continuity to the history of basketball in Treviso. A project in which entrepreneurs and citizens invest time and resources driven by a great passion and guided by a great teamwork.

We at Exclama have supported this path, we got involved and accompanied TVB in its climb, far from simple, starting from the first championship in Promotion, in B league, in A2, up to A1 leaugue. Match after match we supported the dream of the city of Treviso to have their team back.

Strongly believing in its values ??and above all in what sport, the real one, represents, we have managed to keep the pride of Treviso basketball high, becoming year after year the number one fans of a team that deserved and earned entering in A league.

Together we managed to give shape to a dream and together we will continue to pass the ball, match after match, shot after shot.