The Beez, bananas and the history of our first project

Recently, reading an article on a marketing blog, I was enlightened by a sentence: “… in the frenzy of the race to be original we forget the most original content of all, which is always before our eyes: our company history. Simply what we are! ”

It was the year 2010, only a few remember the World Cup in South Africa vividly, certainly not like those of 2006; in the office we were young, few and carefree. There were those who returned from their honeymoon still with the adrenaline of those who visited unknown places, those who returned from New York intoxicated the office making the “Empire State of Mind ” ring out , those who had just started their adventure in the company still trying to understand what we did, because to date, there are those who do still not even know how to explain our work to their children … we think things, sometimes strange, and have them do it by “others”.

It was November and thanks to a good commercial opportunity from our “sister” Maikii , we had the opportunity to participate in a competition for an important company that markets fruit all over the world; they needed new ideas and products to support their new marketing campaign… and we have always had a lot of ideas. After a presentation call (at the time the calls were certainly not frequent and at the level of those now), we received “THE BRIEF”. A “set” brief, serious…very important

We threw ourselves headfirst with the same spirit we used when designing the potato chips surprises, working on a long list of bizarre ideas where the customers and their product always remained at the center . The ideas of a group of crazy creatives were put into the hands of the newly arrived graphic intern, the same one who is our Art Director today . According to him, it was the “test of 9” aka the litmus test.

He made up a real book of articles that didn’t exist yet, but that looked real. From there some surprising champions came to life, some, to be honest a bit risky, but I think that was the point where we understood what our path would be.

We often happen to pick up that book again and laugh as we realize how technically we could have done better.

A long train journey led us to present our ideas and our samples with naive and crazy freshness up to Geneva.

Perhaps it was thanks to that healthy unconsciousness that, in the eyes of the client, everything was a success . We, on the other hand, remember the funniest events from that experience: the colleague who forgets his passport at home, the sickly one who attended the presentation, the exotic fruit given everywhere during the meeting …

Looking back after all these years, that project outlined our creative process. What today is a tailored project built ” made to measure ” on the customer, trying to create around him a new, innovative “dress” that dresses him and makes him feel special.

After years we have acquired the awareness of those who design a banana-shaped kite by worrying that it is able to fly, evaluating its structural aspect in a more professional way than in the past, when, to test its stability, were two colleagues who took it for a spin in the parking area.

We take care its quality , we take care of enhancing it with suitable packaging and we take care of the logistical aspect in all its details.

However, today as then, with more competence, more awareness, more brains available , we still sit around the same table looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary .